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I got interested in lasers back around 2000 when I worked for an industrial automation firm.  We sold these awesome laser sensors, and I could play around with the demo units all I wanted.  They were fun to play with and astonishingly accurate compared to the other sensors we worked with. 

That's about the time I bought my first laser level.  I fell in love.  I bought it to use on some custom closet installations and I couldn't believe how much time I saved with just one simple tool. 

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Then I took a job with a company that manufactured big CO2 lasers for printing parts and packaging on production lines.  These things were awesome.  With your average laser level, you're talking about 5mW max power; these printers operated at 5W, 10W, up to 120W.  They could etch a bar code onto a glass bottle as it passed on a production line. 

That's where I worked when I bought my first cross-line laser to use on some custom shelving I was working on.  Years later I bought my first rotating laser to use on small landscaping and permaculture projects.  I've probably purchased 4 or 5 different laser levels over the years, along with some other odds and ends like laser measures and a laser square.  I've kept up with all of the trends, new products, new features, etc. 

I thought that since I was doing the research anyway, I may as well start keeping track of it in writing.  And I thought this might help other people who are curious about different products and trying to figure out what each product can do.  So, this site is the result. 

I'll try to update regularly with new models and new reviews.  Sorry comments are turned off - I can't spend that kind of time on this particular project.  If there's anything in particular that you'd like to see here that isn't here yet - or anything you're curious about that I might be able to help with - don't hesitate to get in touch with me using the form on this page

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