Bosch GLL 2-15 Cross-Line Laser Level Review

​Bosch GLL 2-15 Cross-Line Laser Level Review
Updated: December 20, 2016

The Bosch GLL 2-15 Cross-Line Laser Level is a robust and reliable product that is affordable for home use and rugged enough for construction applications. 

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$$ Mid Range

Light Construction

Read our full review below for full technical specifications, pros and cons, and recommended applications for this model. 

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Full Product Review

Bosch GLL 2-15 Review

​Bosch has quite a reputation for building dependable and durable products, and the Bosch GLL 2-15 Cross Line Laser Level is no exception.  If you have any doubts, just check the huge number of 5-star reviews over on Amazon.  While this unit does not offer the same range as more expensive models, the accuracy and brightness are right on par with Bosch's high-end lasers. 

The Bosch GLL 2-15 is powered by 3 1.5V AA batteries, so it's nice and easy to keep back-up power on hand.  The downside, of course, is that you can't power this tool with any of the standard Bosch lithium ion rechargeable batteries.  The unit turns itself off after 30 minutes to conserve power, and the interface includes a manual override to disable the automatic shut-off for long jobs. 

This is a class II laser, which means that you should never look directly into the laser beam.  If you look into the beam for longer than 0.25 seconds, you can potentially damage your eye.  The laser is red (635 nm) and operates at less than 1 mW.  The lines are easy to see indoors, even when the lights are on.  It can be hard to see the lines outdoors on a bright day.  You can generally pick up the line anytime with glasses... or just wait for some cloud cover and you won't have any problems. 

The body of the Bosch GLL 2-15 is made from over-molded plastic composite.  As with any electronic item, you'll want to handle it with care and avoid dropping it.  Some people have reported issues with the pendulum locking mechanism after rough handling or drops.  No ratings are provided, but the unit is quite resistant to dust and water.  As with any Bosch tool, you can assume that this tool will be able to handle the wear and tear of a normal day's work with no problems.  Bosch provides a 2 year limited warranty against any defects in materials or workmanship. 

Pro Tip

The Bosch GLL 2-15 is great for home users and small contractors who work indoors.  If you're a contractor who regularly works in tough conditions with lots of dust, debris, mud, or water - you might consider paying a little extra for an IP-rated enclosure.  Check out the Hilti PM 2-L for a laser with comparable features that also includes an IP 54 enclosure.

The interface consists of a physical on/off switch, along with a simple keypad which allows you to choose between a horizontal line, a vertical line, or both; and also allows you to manually override the 30-minute automatic shut-off.  There is also a "manual mode" option, which disables the self-leveling features and allows you to position the line at any angle you desire. 

The mount that comes inside the package is Bosch's BM3 positioning device.  It includes several mounting options including strong magnets, slots for screw or nail mounting, and a free-standing mode with retractable feet.  The BM3 mount has a lockable fine-tuning height adjustment.  If you need more versatility or control for mounting, there are several accessories available, including an optional tripod, monopod, or the upgraded BM1 mounting kit.  See links below. 

Special Features

  • ​30-minute automatic shut-off to save power
  • Self-Leveling up to 4° for easy operation, laser flashes in out-of-level condition
  • Smart Pendulum System automatically locks when power is switched off
  • Manual mode allows for un-level projection at any desired angle

Items Included in Package

  • ​Bosch GLL 2-15 Cross-Line Laser Level
  • BM3 Positioning Mount
  • Laser Target
  • 3 AA Batteries
  • Hard Carrying Case

Available Accessories

Bosch offers several compatible mounting options for the GLL 2-15.  The tripod (see links below) is recommended for working in finished spaces where no exposed metal or mounting nails are available.  The monopod is ideal for large or fast-moving outdoor jobs.  The BM1 positioning mount offers more control and fine-tuning adjustment than the included BM3 mount. 

Bosch's laser view enhancing glasses are recommended for outdoor applications, as they make it much easier to pick up the line over exceptionally long distances or in unusually bright conditions. 




Positioning Mount

The Bosch GLL 2-15 is flexible enough for a wide variety of applications.  Indoors it is ideal for ceiling installation, molding and wainscotting, fixture positioning, and decor alignment.  Outdoors it can be used for decking, fencing, and minor construction projects.

The only applications this laser is not ideal for are those where a plumb bob is required or projects that span very large distances greater than 50 feet.  And while Bosch tools are renowned for their durability, we would advise selecting a laser with a published enclosure rating for projects that are extremely dirty, dusty, wet, or muddy.  

Pros & Cons

  • ​Value.  If you won't ever need to project more than 50 feet, the value of this laser is unmatched.
  • Simple but versatile interface makes this laser extremely easy to use and operate
  • Great diversity for a huge spectrum of different jobs and applications
  • No IP or NEMA enclosure ratings - not recommended for extremely wet or dirty applications
  • Difficulty finding the projected line at great distances or in exceptionally bright conditions

Our Rating

The Bosch GLL 2-15 get you the same brightness and accuracy that you will find in lasers that cost twice as much, or more.  The trade-off?  Distance.  While 50 feet is sufficient for most home projects and small builds, you'll need a more powerful laser to project a line out to 100 feet or more.  This makes the Bosch GLL 2-15 ideal for private homeowners, handymen, landscapers, and contractors who specialize in indoor projects. 

If you work on projects that exceed 50 feet, or work in extremely tough conditions, you'll want to keep shopping for a more powerful laser with a published IP/NEMA enclosure rating. 

We give the Bosch GLL 2-15 4 1/2 out of 5 stars.

Product Specifications - Bosch GLL 2-15


Cross Line (2 Lines)


50 feet
15 meters


± 1/8 inch at 33 feet
±3 mm at 10 meters

Laser Diode Specifications

Class II
635 nm, < 1mW

Power Source

3 AA Batteries

Operating Temperature

14° F / -10° C ~ 122° F / 50° C

Enclosure Construction

Over-molded plastic composite

Enclosure Ratings

Not Rated

Mounting Threads



3.1 x 1.6 x 3.8 inches


0.5 pounds (unit) - 3.9 pounds (package)


Limited 2 Year Warranty

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