Dewalt DW088LG Cross-Line Laser Level Review

The ​Dewalt DW088LG Cross-Line Laser Level is a ​versatile and tough ​new unit ​with professional-level functionality at a price tag that is affordable for private homeowners. 

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Read our full review below for full technical specifications, pros and cons, and recommended applications for this model. 

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Full Product Review

​Dewalt DW088LG Cross-Line Laser Level Review

​The Dewalt DW088LG cross-line laser level is a great addition to Dewalt's lineup, incorporating several nice second generation features without driving up the cost of this and other mid-range offerings.  This is a classic cross-line configuration with one vertical line and one horizontal line.  This unit has the same impressive indoor range as Dewalt's more expensive models, and it accepts the standard Dewalt 12-volt lithium battery.  As  you'll see, these are only a few of the reasons why this laser level has quickly built up a very strong following of satisfied buyers. 

The ​Dewalt DW088LG cross-line laser level has earned an IP65 rating for its overmolded plastic composite enclosure.  This means that the laser is dust tight - which is a huge factor for contractors who work with sheet rock and dry wall.  Of course you should keep the laser as clean as possible, but it's nice to know that you don't need to worry about a bit of dust fouling the accuracy of the self-leveling function.  The unit can also withstand water from a pressurized spray.  Again, keep the laser as dry as possible - ​although there is no need ​to worry if you accidentally let it sit out in the rain for a few minutes.  ​This laser just came out last year, but we haven't heard any complaints from the field about its longevity.  For the most part, people who buy this laser absolutely love it.  

Pro Tip

​We love the Dewalt DW088LG cross-line laser level for its great feature set and its moderate price tag.  Still, you should be sure to look through the rest of Dewalt's product line before you make a final buying decision.  

If you love the features of the DW088LG, but you need 360° coverage, check out the Dewalt DW089LG.  It's got the same range, the same power source, and the same accuracy - with 3 perpendicular laser lines projected with 360° coverage on each.  

If you love the features of the DW088LG, but you're looking for something more economical, check out its red laser sister model, the DW088LR.  It's got everything you see here, with a slightly shorter visible range.  One benefit of the DW088LR is that it ​works with either the Dewalt 12-volt rechargeable battery, or four AA alkaline batteries.

​The user interface on the Dewalt DW088LG cross-line laser level is simple and intuitive.  The two perpendicular laser lines are activated with separate push buttons, and there is an LED indicator light to monitor battery level at all times.  On the front of the unit, there is a simple sliding lock, which locks the pendulum in place during transportation and storage.  Locking the pendulum ​when the laser is not in use will prolong the accuracy of the self-leveling mechanism.  ​When the laser is not able to self-level itself, the lines will blink periodically to let you know it is out of level.  You can use the laser out of level to do custom slopes and angles, and simply ignore the blinking.  Both laser lines operate in full-time pulse mode, allowing you to use a detector at any time to extend the working range up to 165 feet.

You get a ton of versatile mounting options with this model.  The integrated bracket mounts magnetically to any ferrous metal surface.  There's also an extended ceiling bracket in the package, which is great for ceiling installations​.  The bottom of the laser has female mounting holes to accept any standard 1/4-inch or 5/8-inch mounting screw - making the laser easily compatible with any standard tripod, clamp, or alternative mounting methods.  

We love that Dewalt has added support for their standard 12-volt rechargeable lithium batteries on their second generation laser levels.  This feature alone is reason enough for many contractors to upgrade to the newer models.  Be aware that the Dewalt DW088LG cross-line laser level only comes with one battery.  If you're going to need continuous operation - you will definitely want to pick up an extra battery.  They charge quickly - but if they run out in the middle of a job it can be quite frustrating.

​Special Features

  • plus
    ​Self-Leveling up to 4° for simple setup and seamless re-positioning
  • plus
    Independent green laser diodes provide superior indoor visibility, 4X brighter than comparable red lasers
  • plus
    ​Dewalt's famous GUARANTEED TOUGH® 3-year limited warranty with 1 year of free service and a 90-day money back guarantee

​Items Included in Package

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    ​Dewalt DW088LG Cross-Line Laser Level
  • check
    ​Blow mold case
  • check
    ​Extended ceiling bracket
  • check
    ​12-volt battery and charger

​Available Accessories

​The only accessory you'll absolutely need is a spare battery.  The laser only ships with one, and unless you're a very casual user - you'll want to have one battery charging while the other is in use.  It's the standard Dewalt 12-volt MAX lithium ion battery - they're not very expensive and it's definitely worth the extra investment.  You should get one green laser card in the package when you order, but you might consider picking up an extra card or two if you frequently need to hit multiple marks at longer distances.  ​A pair of green laser recognition glasses will help you find the line when you're working in a light room or at longer distances.  And consider getting a compatible tripod if you're going to be moving the laser frequently and need to make precise adjustments. 





​Recommended Applications

​The Dewalt DW088LG cross-line laser level does everything you would expect from a traditional cross-line model.  It's great for layout projects like electrical work, plumbing layout, framing, and more.  ​This laser will work fine for interior design work including gallery and artwork alignments, and custom paint jobs.  The only thing we'd warn you about is that if you work primarily outdoors, you would probably do better with a red laser.  In bright direct sunlight, these green lines can fade out after only a few feet of visibility.  

​Pros & Cons

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    ​Powered by the Dewalt 12-volt MAX lithium battery, leaving the hassle of endless alkaline batteries in the past!
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    ​High-powered green laser diodes project 4X brighter than popular red models. 
  • check
    ​Mounting and positioning are fast and easy with the integrated magnetic bracket. 
  • check
    ​As with most Dewalt products, the warranty on the DW088LG is unbeatable.  
  • minus
    ​Price tag is significantly higher than its red sister model, the DW088LR.
  • minus
    ​Accepts only the Dewalt 12-volt battery, ​and you'll need to supply your own spare battery as a backup. 

Our Rating

​The DW088LG is an exciting new product with a strong set of second generation features.  In short, we love it for indoor jobs where bright light visibility won't be an issue.  Its probably not the best choice for landscapers and builders who work primarily in bright direct sunlight. 

If you're hesitant to make the investment, remember that Dewalt's warranty covers you for 3 years, with a full year of free service and a 90-day money back guarantee.  We're fairly certain you won't even need it, as we haven't heard any complaints about the toughness or durability of the IP65 enclosure.  It's a great deal, and you get a lot of solid functionality at a very fair price.

We give the Dewalt DW088LG 4 1/2 out of 5 stars.

Product Specifications - ​Dewalt DW088LG Cross-Line Laser Level


Cross Line (2 Lines)


​100 feet (165 feet with detector)
35 meters (50 meters with detector)


​± 1/8 inch at 30 feet
±3 mm at 9 meters 

Laser Diode Specifications

​Class II

515-535 nm, < 1.5 mW


Power Source

​12-volt Dewalt Battery Pack

Operating Temperature

​20° F / -10° C ~ 115° F / 45° C

Enclosure Construction

Over-molded plastic composite

Enclosure Ratings


Mounting Threads

​1/4-20 & 5/8-11


​6.26 x 12.91 x 18.15 inches


​8.7 pounds (package)


​Limited 3 Year Warranty

1 Year Free Service

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

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