Dewalt DW089LR Cross-Line Laser Level Review

​Dewalt DW089LR Cross-Line Laser Level Review
Updated ​September 12, 2017

The Dewalt DW089LR cross-line laser level is a new offering in Dewalt's second generation of laser levels.  I resolves some of the most common issues with earlier models, has a solid feature set, and comes with Dewalt's famous warranty. 

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Read our full review below for full technical specifications, pros and cons, and recommended applications for this model. 

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Full Product Review

Dewalt DW089LR Cross-Line Laser Level Review

The Dewalt DW089LR cross-line laser level is an exciting new laser level with several 2nd generation features that bring some great high-end functionality to Dewalt's product offering.  It has 3 lasers and uses Dewalt's standard 12-volt lithium ion battery, ​helping this innovative level reach into the high end of the market.  Even as a young product, this laser level has already become very popular with professional contractors and homeowners.

​The Dewalt DW089LR cross-line laser level has an IP65 rating on its enclosure - meaning it is dust tight and won't be damaged by water from a pressurized spray.  The IP rating is backed up by this laser's strong reputation in the marketplace.  A few buyers have reported manufacturing or shipping problems that caused the laser to be delivered out of alignment, but these reports have been few and far between - and they've been overshadowed by hundreds of positive reviews of out of the gates.  Generally, contractors in the field have reported that this laser is reliable and durable, making it a popular workhorse on small to mid-range projects. 

​If you're already using tools that are compatible with Dewalt's standard 12-volt rechargeable lithium batter, you're going to love this one.  The DW089LR takes the standard Dewalt 12-volt, and it slides easily into the integrated mounting bracket, which is built into the laser housing assembly.  If this will be your first 12-volt lithium tool from Dewalt, you'll want to pick up a backup battery at the time of purchase.  While the laser does have a convenient power level indicator, and the battery does have an infamously long lifespan - it can be very frustrating when the laser quits working abruptly while you're holding heavy cabinetry or ceiling frames up in the air.  ​Our advice - make sure you have a backup battery on hand at all times.  This model can also run on four AA alkaline batteries. 

Pro Tip

​The DW089LR is a little bit pricier than some of Dewalt's comparable models.  There are some good reasons for the price difference - including the third laser line, the ​360° coverage, and the compatible 12-volt battery. 

​If price is your biggest factor in making a decision, you might be able to save a little money by going with a laser that doesn't have the 3rd line, or the 360° coverage, like the Dewalt088K.  

The 360° coverage that you get with the Dewalt DW089LR cross-line laser level can save you a lot of time.  It can eliminate the need to transfer your level from one surface to another.  This alone might justify the entire cost of the laser level if you do a lot of work with framing, ceilings, custom closets, or pretty much any other job where you regularly need to apply a visual level line across many different surfaces.

​One of the things we really love on this model is the simplicity of the user interface.  There isn't a single unnecessary button or switch, which means that there aren't any frivolous features that are likely to break down the line.  The laser's housing includes a convenient power level indicator.  And there is a sliding switch to control the pendulum lock for traveling and storage.  The locking pendulum improves the accuracy of the self-leveling mechanism over time, effectively extending the life of the laser level.  

​The body of the laser includes an integrated magnetic bracket on the rear of the housing, so that the level can easily mount flush on any steel surface and most metal brackets and frames.  Depending on your application, the magnetic mount may completely eliminate the need for additional mounting tools like brackets, tripods, and monopods.  If your projects require constant repositioning or precise adjustments - the Dewalt DW089LR can easily be mounted to any standard 5/8-inch or 1/4-inch thread bracket or tripod.  

​Special Features

  • plus
    ​360° coverage from 3 rotary beams for ​superior full room layout capabilities​​​​​​​​
  • plus
    ​Accepts Dewalt's standard 12-volt lithium ion battery
  • plus
    Dewalt's GUARANTEED TOUGH® 3-year warranty with 1-year free service

​Items Included in Package

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    ​Dewalt DW089LR Cross-Line Laser Level 
  • check
    ​Blow mold case
  • check
    ​Extended ceiling bracket
  • check
    ​12-volt battery and charger

​Available Accessories

​If you don't already have one, you'll want an extra battery for your Dewalt DW089LR cross-line laser level.  Extra batteries provide continuous operation, as you can always charge your first battery while using your backup.  The batteries charge very quickly, but it can be inconvenient to run out mid-project.  Other than a spare battery, you might consider picking up Dewalt's DW0881 tripod (or any other standard 1/4-inch or 5/8-inch tripod), if you'll need to reposition the laser frequently.  And if you work on big commercial projects, you should think about picking up a pair of red laser recognition glasses and/or a red laser card to extend the laser's visibility on big projects. 




​Laser Card

​Recommended Applications

​With three separate lines projected ​on a 360° radius, there isn't much you can't do with the Dewalt DW089LR cross-line laser level.  It's great for full-room layout projects, and any other project with multiple elements.  It's already quite popular with plumbers and electricians, framers and carpenters, and floor and ceiling installers. ​ Outdoors, it's great for decking, building, landscaping, and more.​ 

​Pros & Cons

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    ​​Accepts the standard Dewalt 12-volt lithium ion battery, eliminating the ​headaches and cost of ​endless D-cell alkaline batteries. 
  • check
    ​​2nd generation features include 360° line coverage, saving tons of time on repositioning and realignment.
  • check
    ​Integrated magnetic mount makes setup a snap where metal surfaces are available.
  • check
    ​Dewalt backs up the DW089LR with a 3-year limited warranty and free service for one year.
  • minus
    ​While the layout capabilities of this laser are impressive, the price tag matches it's power.  It is a good value for some, but out of ​reach ​for some DIY enthusiasts.

​Our Rating

We couldn't be any more excited about the DW089LR.  With Dewalt's proven rechargeable batteries, and an innovative 3-line, 360-degree laser array​, this is a great addition to Dewalt's line.  If you're hesitant about the investment, you'll probably ​find some reassurance in Dewalt's great three-year warranty and their reputation for speedy and responsive customer service.

​The range is awesome on its own, but if you need some extra distance you can use the compatible Dewalt receiver to cover pretty much any indoor space.  Dewalt has squeezed a ton of innovative features into this little package, and we think this is a great choice for any contractor or homeowner. 

We give the Dewalt DW089LR cross-line laser level 4 1/2 out of 5 stars.  

​Product Specifications - Dewalt DW089LR Cross-Line Laser Level


Cross Line Hybrid (​3 Lines at 360°)


​​50 feet (165 feet with detector)
​​15 meters (50 meters with detector)


± 1/8 inch at 33 feet
±3 mm at 10 meters

Laser Diode Specifications

Class II
​​620-690 nm, < 1.5 mW

Power Source

​12-volt Dewalt Battery Pack

4 AA Alkaline Batteries

Operating Temperature

14° F / -10° C ~ 122° F / 50° C

Enclosure Construction

Over-molded plastic composite

Enclosure Ratings


Mounting Threads

1/4-20 & 5/8-11


​6.1 x 17.8 x 12.5 inches


​8.3 pounds


Limited ​3 Year Warranty

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